Premium All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

1. PRIME BEEF BRISKET Thinly Cut Prime Beef Brisket 차돌박이
2. SLICED RIBEYE BEEF Thinly Sliced Premium Rib Eye 로스 구이
3. BULGOGI Sweet Soy Marinated Sliced Rib Eye 불고기
4. PORK BELLY Premium Pork Belly 삼겹살
5. MISO PORK BELLY Miso Marinated Premium Pork Belly 미소 삼겹살
6. CHICKEN BULGOGI Marinated Sweet Chicken Breast 닭 불고기
7. GARLIC CHICKEN THIGH Marinated Soy Garlic Chicken Thigh 마늘 양념 닭 구이
8. BEEF SHORT PLATE Premium Beef Short Plate 우삼겹
9. RED PEPPER PORK BELLY Red Pepper Marinated Premium Pork Belly 양념 삼겹살
10. WINE PORK BELLY Premium Pork Belly Marinated With Red Wine 와인 삼겹살
11. MARINATED SHORT RIB (1pc/person) Marinated With Sweet Soy and Garlic 양념 갈비
12. PORK JOWL MEAT Premium Pork Cheek 항정살
13. PORK BULGOGI Marinated Sliced Pork With Sweet Soy and Garlic 돼지 고기
14. PORK COLLAR BUTT Premium Pork Collar Butt/Shoulder 목살
15. SPICY CHICKEN THIGH Marinated Spicy Chicken 매운닭 구이
16. CHICKEN BREAST Chicken Breast With Sea Salt 닭 구이
17. SHRIMP Shrimp With Sea Salt and Garlic Salt 새우
18. SPICY CALAMARI Marinated Spicy Calamari 매운오징어
19. RICE Steamed White Rice
20. SEAWEED SOUP Traditional Korean Style Seaweed Soup 미역국
21. GREEN SOYBEANS Steamed Soybeans 어린 콩
22. STEAMED EGG Custard-like Steamed Egg Casserole 계란찜
23. SOON TOFU Hot Organic Soft Tofu Soup 순두부
24. PORK DUMPLINGS Fried Pork Dumpling 군만두
25. EGG ROLL Deep Fried Egg Rolls 에그롤
26. SKEWERED SQUID LEGS Battered Lightly Deep Fried 오징어 다리
27. ASSORTED VEGETABLES Seasonal Assorted Vegetables 모듬 야채
28. CHICKEN POPCORN Fried Popcorn Chicken 치킨 팝콘
29. SEASONED BONELESS SHORT RIBS Sliced Prime Short Rib Seasoned with Sesame Oil, Salt & Pepper 주물럭
30. SPICY PORK BULGOGI Spicy Marinated Pork 매운 돼지 고기
31. BEEF STEAK Top Sirloin 등심

All You Can Eat Rules & Restrictions

Whole Party/table must order from same menu. Maximum occupancy time is 2 hours.

Party will be given a last call for ordering 20 minutes prior to the end of their 2 hour time limit.

No take outs. Surcharge of $10.00 (per person) will be added for any leftover food.

Gratuity of 18% will be applied to party of 8 or more.

Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Max 3 orders at a time.

Other rules and restrictions may apply.

Under 4-6 years old: $8
7-10 years old: $12